Red riding hood 38
Vital statistics
Name Father Solomon
Age 50's
Family Penelope (wife, deceased)

Solomon's Daughters (daughters, orphaned)

Portrayed by Gary Oldman

Father Solomon was a witch-hunter and a werewolf hunter, who arrives at the village to find the Wolf and the secondary antagonist of Red Riding Hood. Solomon tries to use Valerie as bait to catch the Wolf although Henry and Peter rescue her. When Solomon tries to kill the Wolf, he bites his hand off, resulting in Solomon being executed by one of his soldiers so that he will not turn into a werewolf himself.

Personality Edit

Solomon at the beginning of his appearance appears to be a loving father towards his daughters, Bella and Olivia, and showed concern for the other children of Daggerhorn. However, he is later proven to be a selfish and slightly mentally unstable man who killed his wife, Penelope, when he realized that she was a werewolf, showing that his hatred for the supernatural is unbound by family love. Not only that, but he also uses his wife as an excuse for his actions, like when he locked the innocent Claude up in a elephant brazen bull and didn't listen to reason from Father Auguste or Claude's older sister, Roxanne, the latter who became so desperate that she sold out her friend, Valerie's, secret that she can communicate with the Wolf, which made Solomon use Valerie as bait for the Wolf, much to her family's dismay, showing that Solomon is narrow-minded.

Solomon is also shown to be cold-hearted, as he showed no remorse when he killed the Captain's brother or Father Auguste, the former who was bitten by the Wolf and the latter who was trying to protect Valerie and Henry. However, his recklessness soon caught up to him when he was bitten, therefore cursing him, and is soon after killed by the Captain to prevent him from turning.


In his home town, he had a wife named Penelope, whom he murdered upon discovering that she was a werewolf, due to her amputated paw, which was in his bag, turning back into her hand and she, at the same time, had a bloody rag around her wrist. From his deceased wife, he has two young daughters who feared for their father and, later in the film, became orphans due to his death.

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