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Rose is one of Valerie's best friends and is resident of Daggerhorn.

She's sultry, pushy, seductive, stubborn, wild, vanity, and boy-crazy. Her favorite things are, if she gets the chance, drinking Prudence's home-made beer (which might blind anyone who drinks it), enjoys making herself prettier than the other girls and going to great lengths to flirt or seduce the men she likes.

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Henry Lazar Edit

Like many girls, she's shown to have a romantic interest in him and was rather shocked to find out that he was engaged to Valerie.

Peter Edit

During the celebration of the "wolf's death", she's seen flirting with Peter and dancing with him, causing Valerie to become jealous. However, after Valerie broke up the fight between Peter and Henry, she ran after Peter. When this happened, Rose and Prudence smiled and giggled at each other, indicating that their plan to get Valerie and Peter together worked. It's unknown if she actually cares about Peter or if she just liked flirting with him. After Valerie and Henry's engagement broke off, her crush for Henry Lazar apparently had returned but didn't want to pursue him yet.


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