Penelope was the wife of Solomon, and the mother of Bella & Olivia. Before the events of the film,she was murdered by her husband when he discovered, due to her amputated paw, that she was a werewolf. All that's left of her is her severed hand, which Solomon carried around on journeys.

Red Riding HoodEdit

While explaining to the townspeople how a werewolf has the ability to live like a human without notice, he told them how he found out himself, back in his village that lived in fear just like Daggerhorn.

When he and his two friends were on a hunting trip, they got intoxicated and were unable to fend off the werewolf when it attacked them, so Solomon's friends got killed. Hoping to defend himself, he drew his best sword and sliced off the creature's paw, causing it to flee for safety.

When he returned home, he found his wife Penelope with a bloody rag around her wrist. And when he looked in the basket, the the werewolf's paw had disappeared from its place. And In return was a human hand, revealing that his wife was the werewolf that had killed his two friends and had almost killed him. So to save his family, he had murdered Penelope and had kept her severed hand for a keepsake, which was used to show the townspeople of Daggerhorn.

Her daughters know about her death but are currently unaware that she was a werewolf and that their father had killed her to protect them from her true nature.

Personality Edit

Since she is only mentioned, Penelope's personality is unknown, but it was hinted that she may have been a loving wife and mother, as her daughters were greatly devastated by her death. However, she may have also been cruel and merciless, as she killed Solomon's friends while they were hunting down the werewolf plaguing their village. However, this may have been because of self-defense and panic, but that remains unclear.