Mrs. Lazar
Vital statistics
Name Mrs. Lazar
Age Unknown
Family Henry Lazar (son)

Lucie (stepdaughter)

Relationships Adrian Lazar (husband)
Portrayed by N/A
Mrs. Lazar was the wife of Adrian Lazar and mother to Henry Lazar. She is a minor character in Red Riding Hood.


Very little is known about Mrs Lazar, save for the fact Adrian's parents arranged for him to marry her instead of Suzette, the woman he truly loved. At some point, Mrs Lazar fell pregnant and gave birth to Adrian's son Henry. Mrs Lazar apparently died several years prior to the events of Red Riding Hood. It is not clear if Mrs Lazar was still alive when Adrian had an affair with Suzette (resulting in Lucie's birth), and if so, if she ever knew of the affair.

Red Riding Hood


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