Marguerite (right centered)

Marguerite is one of the residents of Daggerhorn and is the mother of Roxanne and Claude.

Red Riding HoodEdit

In the beginning of the film, she and her children were of the many who witnessed Lucie's death after a Wolf night. Toward the ending of the film when the Wolf wanted Valerie to leave Daggerhorn to spare everyone's lives; she, along with Prudence, Rose, Roxanne and several others risked their lives by protecting Valerie from the Wolf, which resulted in the Wolf retreating to the thorned forests because morning was approaching fast.


  • Roxanne (Eldest daughter)
  • Claude (youngest son)
  • Unknown/Unnamed husband (unknown whereabouts)


  • She's likely a "Refrigerator mother" due to her stern attitude and cold behavior toward Claude's autism.
  • It's unknown how she reacts about Claude's death.
  • Though she's stern toward her children and many of the residents of Daggerhorn, she's shown to have a kind heart when she and many others protected Valerie from the Wolf while morning approached.
  • She, Roxanne and Claude are all "redheads" in their family.

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