Grandmother's grandmother is her one of her many beloved relatives and is a minor character in the film.

unseen/mentioned characters

In the film.Edit

She's not seen but mentioned more than once when it comes to conversations between Grandmother and Valerie.


  • It's believed she lived life as a Christian
  • Her favorite saying is "All sorrows are less with bread"
  • Her relationship with her granddaughter is similar to Grandmother's relationship with Valerie and Lucie


  • Grandmother (granddaughter) (deceased)
  • unnamed grandson-in-law (deceased)
  • Cesaire (great-grandson) (deceased)
  • Suzette (great-granddaughter-in-law)
  • Lucie (step-great-great-granddaughter) (deceased)
  • Valerie (great-great-granddaughter)
  • Peter (great-great-grandson-in-law)
  • Unnamed great-great-great-grandchild (Valerie & Peter's child in the Alternate Ending)