Father Auguste
Vital statistics
Name Father Auguste
Age 20's
Portrayed by Lukas Haas

Father Auguste is a minor but important character in Red Riding Hood who believes many of the characters to be innocent. He helps Peter and Henry save Valerie from being sacrificed to the Wolf but is later killed by Father Solomon.

Role in the filmEdit

In the film, against everyones disagreements, he sommons Father Solomon as their last hope to be rid of the Wolf. This later turned out to be a horrible decision when he finds out that Father Solomon acuses anonymous residents of Daggerhorn of being the Wolf when they are actually innocent, However Father Solomon thinks other wise and injures Claude, injures Henry, and kills The Guard's brother, dispite the guards protests. The next victim was going to be Valerie as a human sacrifice to the Wolf. Father Auguste was against all the horrible things Father Solomon was doing to the townspeople of Daggerohorn and helps Henry and Valerie escape. He is last seen telling Henry to get Valerie to safety before he is wrongly killed by Father Solomon for "helping someone aiding a witch".


  • At the time of the celebrations of the "wolf's death", Prudence seemed to devoloped an romantic interest in Father Solomon, which he didn't mind.
  • He's one of many characters to be accused of being the Wolf because he has brown eyes.
  • He's the first priest to actually to be killed by a villian.

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