Cesaire's father
Vital statistics
Name Cesaire's Father
Family father of Cesaire; huband of Grandmother
Relationships Father to Cesaire
Portrayed by
Cesaire's Father, known as (Grandmother's husband) is a minor deceased wolf character and the grandfather

unseen/mentioned characters

of Valerie.

In the film.Edit

He is not seen but is mentioned more than once when it comes to conversations between Cesaire and Valerie. In a conversation between Cesaire and Valerie, according to Cesaire words, Cesaire's father was a wolf in human form, preserving his dark secret, at the time of Blood Moon Week he passed his legacy to his son. It also his was a strong muskj smell because his wife was surrounded with the smell of the werewolf, his wife smelled the scent again, she searched through her closet (in the form of a chest), sniffed her husband's attire and found out that same "musk" smell indacated that her son is the wolf, later Cesaire kills her in order to protect his secret. It is not clear how he died.