This is the extramarital relationship/true love between widowed blacksmith Adrian Lazar and Suzette in Red Riding Hood. 

Adrian and Suzette

Red Riding HoodEdit

When Madame Lazar, Adrian Lazar and Henry arrived at their home to give their condolences, Suzette wanted Valerie, who was in tears at the time, to greet Henry and Adrian but Adrian told Henry to let the women grieve in their own way, leaving for the pub.

Suzette learns of Peter and Valerie's love, telling Valerie she too did not love her husband at first, but learned to love him – that she had loved another. When Valerie looked at her surprised that her mother was like, in Valerie's situation, promised to marry with one man but in love with another, Suzette claimed that she came to love their father and that he'd given her two beautiful daughters and that with her knowledge, she will grow to love Henry, like her mother had grown to love their father, however, Valerie's rather unconvinced by that knowledge. As Suzette pleaded for Valerie to go see her fiancee, Valerie noticed that she kept looking at one of the men in a longing gaze, like she was waiting for him and that she longed to have him for herself. Unbeknownst to Valerie, Suzette was actually watching Adrian as he and Henry left to the pub.

Valerie finds Suzette mourning Adrian and immediately figures out that he was her love. She also realizes that Lucie, being the older daughter, should've been the first to wed and should have been engaged to Henry, but could not as she was the illegitimate daughter of Adrian, making her Henry's half sister.

It is then revealed that the Wolf was neither Peter nor Valerie's grandmother, but Cesaire as he pulls back the curtains, also showing himself to have been faking her grandmother's voice. Cesaire explains to Valerie that he needs someone to pass his gift onto, as the blood moon is almost over. He explains he originally intended for it to be Lucie, however once she saw him, she remained frightened; revealing that she could not understand him. Any offspring of a Wolf would have been able to understand its language. Upon this revelation, Cesaire acted out of rage and killed Lucie. Coming to realization that Suzette lied to him about Lucie, took revenge on his wife clawing across the face, almost blinding her, and figuring out Adrian Lazar is his wife's lover, murdered him too on the night of the Blood Moon.


  • Adrian and Suzette's relationship is similar to Peter and Valerie's relationship.
  • It's revealed in the book, just like how Suzette kept Peter away from his true love, Madame Lazar disapproved of Suzette and Adrian's relationship and kept them from being together, resulting in Suzette marrying Cesaire "for a better life".

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